Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{E &T}

My first photo shoot with cutest kids I've ever met! Im really happy with how these came out. Not perfect, but I feel like I'm not at level 0. I do really wish I had spent a few more minutes making them presentable, but I didnt know they would turn out so well!

IMG_3957 copy5web

E really didnt want to do this, but we bribed her with a bribe she didnt end up wanting. Which is pretty much the best bribe ever as far as I am concerned.

IMG_3989 copyweb

I got them to pose! Amazing. I have a lot to learn about posing.

IMG_3991 copy3web

This is a little boy, not a baby. Which makes this mama very sad.


  1. E is cute in these photos, but I must say that T takes the cake. These are such great photos of him!

  2. Great subjects you've chosen for this photo shoot.

  3. These are great!! What kind of post-processing did you do?

  4. I color corrected using camera RAW, and then used Coffeshops perfect portrait, and I know I used PW's warmer on the top one and I cant remember but I think I used it on the other two as well.

  5. oh! these are SO cute :) Thanks for your comment on my blog. The January class is an extended version of the November class. Hope to see you there!!

  6. It's hard to comment on the photography when the kids in the pictures are so darn cute! Summer's exactly the opposite from E--she thinks she's entitled to things I've never even thought of offering her!!

    Summer: "Where's my dessert?"

    EXCUSE ME???